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Passengers sit in the Buffalo Depew station at 11:54pm waiting for the delayed train, now set to arrive at 12:35am instead of midnight. A family of five chats while the children laugh and punch each other, a man with bloodshot eyes looks up from his iPad and makes eye contact with me for less than half a second before looking back down, a girl in her early twenties paints her nails, blowing on them to dry them off while reading out loud to herself, all while “We are Family” plays at an unreasonably loud volume in the waiting area.

I wonder if any of the other passengers understand what it took me to get here, how less than an hour ago I was standing in front of Canadian customs in the middle of the highway trying to figure out the pedestrian entrance to the 2.5 mile Peace bridge I was about to cross. Knowing it was this long, I probably would have worn warmer clothes and bothered to put my electronics bag into my backpack instead of carrying it but none the less, there I was, endlessly calling the cab service that said would come pick me up and bring me to the train station but now, for reasons still unknown, wouldn’t pick up.

So I trudged over the bridge, wind whipping into my face as every MAC truck went speeding by, cursing Aqua Cab service until I got to American customs, where I stood outside for a good two minutes waiting for the officer to unlock the door. Like all male customs agents, the officer stood there with his crew cut and a sour look on his face, asking me questions my brain could barely register after being wind blasted in the face for the last 25 minutes. I guess I answered correctly because he told me to walk out the door and through the gate although, I stopped to ask him if he could call a cab for me, knowing how hard it was to find a cab running service from the bridge to the train station. After a skeptical look, he agreed and led me through the back corridors into the waiting room where I waited an indefinite amount of time for cab, chewing the proverbial fat with my confidant back home just to ease my mind.

In time, the cab came and brought me to the spot I’m sitting now, still waiting…10 more minutes.


9 more minutes.

8 more minutes.

7 more minutes

6 more minutes

5 more minutes

4 more minutes

3 more minutes

2 more minutes

1 more mi…




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