Get Lost

There have been endless writers who have written on the subject of getting lost. Just go on google and type in “getting lost quotes,” and you’ll see what I mean. Each author has a different spin on what it is to get lost, but most all of them have something in common: sometimes, getting lost is necessary to not only find out where we want to be, but who we want to be.

As a recent college graduate with a Music degree, I found myself in the same predicament as most 23 year olds who pursue the liberal arts: what am I supposed to do with all of this information that I’ve crammed into head for the last 19 years, was it all for nothing?

In an effort to answer this question,  I’vc taken on the challenge of losing myself for a whole month by traveling across the US (and Canada for a short bit) by train, spending time mostly in places I’ve never been and with people I’ve either only been acquainted with, or who are complete strangers. This blog serves as both an outlet for my creativity in writing, as well as an account of the many different people I will meet and the places I will see. Some aspects I will only graze over, some seemingly pointless ones I will dive deeply into so, read or skip what you will, enjoy the photographs and comment if you wish.

Let’s get lost.


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